Transforming Hotel Group Sales Through Storyfeeling: The Power of Experience Design

In the competitive world of hotel group sales, creating an unforgettable experience for potential clients goes beyond presenting information and amenities. It's about crafting an emotional journey that leaves a lasting impact. This is where experience design comes into play, a concept that can revolutionize how hotels engage with their clients. Inspired by the principles shared by Pigalle Tavakkoli, founder of the School of Experience Design, we explore how hotels can move from storytelling to "storyfeeling" to ensure their proposals resonate deeply with potential clients.

What is Experience Design?

Experience design is a strategic approach that goes beyond the traditional design of products, services, or events. It focuses on creating an emotional and psychological journey for the audience. In the context of hotel group sales, this means designing every interaction and touchpoint in a way that evokes specific emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in potential clients. Rather than just providing information, experience design aims to make clients feel connected, understood, and inspired.

The Role of Emotions in Sales Proposals

Human beings are inherently emotional, with neuroscience revealing that up to 98% of our decisions are driven by our unconscious mind. This means that successful sales proposals must appeal to clients' emotions. Storytelling is a powerful tool in this regard, as it can activate multiple areas of the brain, including those responsible for memory and emotion. However, hotels should shift from brand-centric storytelling to "client storyfeeling." This approach focuses on the clients' needs and aspirations, creating a personal connection that fosters loyalty and long-lasting relationships.

Crafting Storyfeeling in Sales Proposals

To effectively implement storyfeeling, hotel sales teams must design proposals that resonate with their clients on a personal level. This involves moving beyond generic brand messages to tell stories that highlight how the hotel's services and amenities enhance the clients' event experiences. By evoking emotions and thoughts through these stories, sales teams can create unforgettable proposals that inspire clients to choose their hotel for their next event.

Practical Examples of Behavioral Change

Applying experience design in hotel group sales can lead to significant behavioral changes in how clients perceive and choose hotels. For instance, to foster a strong connection with potential clients, sales teams can design a proposal journey that evokes the right emotions and thoughts. By identifying which emotions, thoughts, and actions are needed to help clients feel connected to the hotel, sales teams can strategically design each touchpoint to maximize impact.

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SendSites: Elevating Sales Proposals with Experience Design

At SendSites, we understand the power of experience design in transforming hotel group sales. Our platform enables sales teams to create visually stunning, emotionally engaging proposals that resonate deeply with potential clients. By leveraging the principles of storyfeeling, SendSites allows hotels to craft personalized proposals that highlight how their services and amenities can enhance the clients' event experiences, leading to long-term engagement and success.

Experience design is about creating sales proposals that not only engage clients during the moment but also leave a lasting impact on their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. By embracing the concept of storyfeeling, hotel sales teams can craft narratives that resonate deeply, foster meaningful connections, and drive long-term commitment.

At SendSites, we are dedicated to helping hotels design proposals that touch the heart and transform the decision-making process.

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