Modern Sales Communications

Quickly create marketing-quality proposals with just a few simple steps.


Engaging and Professional

The hospitality sale is about matching your proposal to the planner’s vision for the event. SendSites enables sales managers to quickly create interactive proposals that make your property and services standout.

  • Custom proposal templates for specific segments such as weddings, sports groups, corporate and catering
  • Room types
  • Venues
  • Catering and F&B
  • Activities and services
  • Images, video & virtual tours
  • Other supporting content (maps, promos, etc.)
custom grids

Customized Grids

After our hands-on onboarding process, you are ready to sell with a content library stocked with branded, ready-to-use content, including:

  • Room block grids
  • Agenda grids
  • Menu grids
  • Pricing grids

Autoplay Video Header for that First Impression

With autoplay video, Sendsites takes proposal engagement to a whole new level. As soon as visitors land on a Sendsites webpage, captivating videos automatically start playing, instantly grabbing their attention and immersing them in the content.

Easily Embed Video & Virtual Tours

Sendsites provides a seamless solution for embedding videos and virtual tours into your sales presentations.

With Sendsites, all you need to do is copy and paste the video or virtual tour link directly into your sales materials. This powerful feature allows you to showcase the unique features and amenities of your hotel properties in an engaging and immersive way.

Easily paste in Visiting Media, Threshold 360, Matterport & Visrez!



Mobile Friendly

Many proposals will be viewed on a mobile device. Make your first impression a “Wow” with high-impact visuals and video that look great anywhere on any device.

SendSites proposals automatically adjust to screen size and look fantastic. It’s worry-free and makes you look like the pro you are.


Content Tools Built for Speed

SendSites is built for sales people. Our mission is to empower sales teams to deliver marketing-quality content with the flexibility needed to close deals in the real world. With SendSites, you don’t need to be a designer to produce beautiful proposals that really sell your property.

Because we focus on hospitality sales, know your workflow, and provide hands-on support, you’ll never be stuck trying to do marketing work. SendSites streamlines proposal development so you can focus on selling.



Real-Time Analytics

Visit notification emails allow you to follow-up in a timely manner and focus your energy on people who are interested.

Click-stream details reveal page activities so you can tailor your follow-up based off engagement.

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