Prospecting Group Event Business: The Power of Personalization with SendSites

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, effectively engaging with business meeting planners is paramount for hotels and resorts vying to secure group business. The challenge extends beyond merely catching their attention; it encompasses maintaining their interest, building a relationship based on trust and understanding, and ultimately, demonstrating your venue as the optimal choice for their needs. Enter SendSites, an innovative digital tool that revolutionizes the way hospitality entities prospect and engage potential clients through dynamic, personalized outreach.

Personalization is Power

In an era saturated with generic marketing efforts, personalization is not just beneficial; it's critical. Crafting a personalized SendSites presentation for each business meeting planner allows hotels and resorts to underscore their dedication to understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each prospect. This tailored approach fosters trust and rapport, essential ingredients for converting prospects into loyal clients.

Example of Personalization:

Consider a SendSites page crafted for a corporation planning an annual sales conference. By incorporating specific references to their past events, highlighting how your property can address their unique challenges (like breakout spaces for workshops, or tech capabilities for presentations), and suggesting customized team-building activities available on-site, you directly speak to the planner's needs and vision.

Understand the Planner's Needs

A customized SendSite enables you to compile and present information that resonates with the prospect's specific business objectives and challenges. Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of their company and event goals—by, for instance, aligning your venue's amenities with their needs—shows a genuine interest in delivering value, thereby fostering trust and positioning your property as their ideal event location.

Engage with Purpose

The journey doesn't end with the first click. SendSites' features, such as visit notifications and analytics, offer invaluable insights into a prospect's engagement level. Armed with this data, you can refine your follow-up strategy to remain compelling throughout the decision-making process, ensuring your communications are timely, relevant, and resonate with the planner's ongoing considerations.

Central Hub for Ongoing Conversations

SendSites' adaptability makes it an ideal central point for continuous interaction with your prospects. Embedding interactive forms invites planners to pose questions directly within the platform, enabling you to address their inquiries promptly and keep the dialogue alive. This dynamic exchange facilitates the regular introduction of new information and compelling content—like virtual tours, videos, and slideshows—to sustain interest and engagement.


Example of Rich Content Driving Engagement:

Imagine integrating a virtual tour of your venue, showcasing key event spaces, guest rooms, and amenities. Pair this with a video testimonial from a satisfied corporate client, highlighting the success of their event at your property. Such vivid, engaging content not only captures the imagination of planners but also alleviates concerns by providing tangible proof of your venue's capability to host their event successfully.



In the pursuit of group business, hotels and resorts must employ strategies that resonate with business meeting planners on a personal level. SendSites offers a powerful platform that allows for personalized, engaging, and interactive communication. By leveraging this technology, properties can not only catch the attention of their prospects but also build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. In the competitive world of hospitality, SendSites could very well be the key to unlocking the full potential of your prospecting efforts.

By Ashleigh Gore

Ashleigh is not a professional writer but rather just passionate about SendSites as a web-based sales communication platform that enables modern sales teams to capture their audience with compelling, personalized content for both proposals and prospecting.

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