From Word and PowerPoint to SendSites: Transforming Hotel Sales Proposals

In the fast-paced world of hotel sales, efficiency and impact are paramount. Traditional tools like Word and PowerPoint have long been the go-to for creating sales proposals, but a growing number of hotels are discovering the advantages of transitioning to SendSites. Here’s how some of our clients have made the switch and elevated their sales game.

The Challenge with Traditional Tools

For years, hotel sales teams have relied on Word and PowerPoint to craft their proposals. While these tools are versatile, they often fall short in several areas:

  • Time-Consuming: Crafting a visually appealing and persuasive proposal in Word or PowerPoint can be incredibly time intensive.
  • Inconsistent Branding: Ensuring brand consistency across multiple proposals can be challenging and error prone.
  • Limited Engagement: Static documents lack the interactive elements that can make a proposal truly stand out.

Why SendSites?

SendSites offers a streamlined, efficient solution tailored specifically for hotel group sales:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is designed to be intuitive, reducing the learning curve and enabling your team to create stunning proposals quickly.
  • Consistent Branding: Easily maintain brand consistency across all proposals with pre-designed templates.
  • Engaging Content: Incorporate interactive elements and rich media to create more engaging and convincing proposals.

Client Success Stories


Four Seasons Las Vegas made the transition from Word to SendSites to streamline their proposal process. The results were immediate: proposal creation time was cut in half, and the sales team could focus more on building relationships with clients rather than formatting documents.

The SendSites integration with Golden/Delphi also amplifies the efficiency.


Viceroy Chicago sought a solution to improve the visual appeal of their proposals without the hassle of complex design software. With SendSites, they achieved a consistent, high-quality look across all their proposals, which significantly boosted client engagement and feedback.


Marc & Rose Hospitality, managing properties like Arizona Grand and The Scott, needed a tool that could handle the volume of proposals while ensuring each one was unique and tailored to the client. SendSites provided the flexibility they needed, resulting in higher conversion rates and more satisfied clients.


The Broadmoor faced challenges with the lengthy proposal creation process using Word. Transitioning to SendSites allowed their team to leverage pre-designed templates, reducing the time spent on each proposal and improving the overall quality. This efficiency gain led to quicker turnaround times and a more responsive sales process.

The Broadmoor

The transition from Word and PowerPoint to SendSites has been a game-changer for many of our clients. By adopting a tool specifically designed for hotel group sales, these hotels have not only improved their proposal quality and consistency but also significantly increased their efficiency and client engagement.

Are you ready to make the switch? Explore the benefits of SendSites and see how it can transform your sales proposal process.

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By Ashleigh Gore

Ashleigh is not a professional writer but rather just passionate about SendSites as a web-based sales communication platform that enables modern sales teams to capture their audience with compelling, personalized content for both proposals and prospecting.

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