Daniel Pink Offers Great Sales Tips backed by Science

Daniel Pink Sales & Persuasion MasterClass

If you can find some time we highly recommend checking out this MasterClass on Sales & Persuasion. Daniel H Pink is an American author who has devoted his life to the science of persuasion.  The 3 hour online course offers a well curated list of the most effective techniques according to science. It is very comprehensive, actionable, and memorable. Go here for more information.


Make your Message Count with Clarity

The two parts of clarity are curating information and helping customers find their problems instead of only solving problem.

Curate Information for your Prospects

In the past customers needed salespeople to gain access to information. But today, customer have access to more information they could ever want. This means a salesperson needs to help her customer make sense of all the noise by curating the information.

Find Problems for your Customers - YOU BE THE HERO

Additionally, since customers can easily find answers to their problems, a salesperson can make herself more valuable by helping the customer find problems he didn’t even know he had.

Finding problems for your prospect requires some thought and asking questions. Brides and meeting planners are thinking of the fun parts of the event, but you can use the sales opportunity to make them see the unforeseeable problems that you can also solve!

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