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SendSites is Easy for Beginners, Powerful for Experts

SendSites redefines efficiency and elegance in response to your needs. Here’s how we ensure that every user, from novice to expert, can achieve excellence effortlessly:

Rapid Response Creation: Craft and curate elevated responses to RFPs in under 15 minutes.

Brand Integrity: Your outbound communications consistently reflect your brand’s ethos and aesthetic, thanks to unlimited templates and customization options that keep everything on-brand, regardless of team changes or absences.

High-End Professionalism: Our tools are designed to ensure your product looks incredibly professional, elevating your outbound communications with a high-end finish that impresses every time.

Intuitive Sales Content Management: Easily slide content in and out, ensuring your presentations are not just streamlined but also dynamically tailored to each pitch or proposal.

Delphi Integration: Our seamless integration with Delphi ensures that managing and responding to RFPs is smoother and more efficient than ever.


Easily Launch Your Team with Personalized Onboarding

With SendSites, you’re not just getting a platform; you’re embracing a partner committed to elevating your outbound communications while ensuring consistency, professionalism, and brand integrity, all backed by unparalleled customer support.

Seamless Updates and Rebranding: Adapt and evolve with ease. Whether updating content or undergoing a complete rebrand, SendSites is right there with you, offering setup support and guidance at no extra cost.

Exceptional Service: Experience old-school service levels with a personal touch. Our customer support knows you by name, providing everything you need from day one to excel.

It’s live, hands-on, and already included with your subscription.

You Focus on Selling

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Select a Customized Template

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Client Testimonials


“The SendSites product is gorgeous... but it's the SendSites team who really makes the experience stand apart. You could wait in a phone tree and get assigned a support ticket number, or you could have a personal rapport with someone who really values your business. I know which one I invest in year after year... Thank you SendSites!”

Sam Torgerson

Global Director, Group Sales Highgate + Viceroy Global Sales


”We chose SendSites because of unlimited templates and flexibility, especially a dual branded template. [Competitor] was terrible with customer service and swore we could do a dual template and come to find out we couldn’t. Also seeing a competitor already using and loving your product and saying his clients rave about it."

Crystal Boisvert

Vice President of Sales and Event Management Marc & Rose Hospitality


“Absolutely LOVE Send Sites and the entire team. They are unbelievably prompt and professional. Working with them is always so easy and they make our company look so good with the quality of their product.”

Madelyn Campbell

Wedding Sales Manager Winter Park Resort


“SendSites allows us to quickly customize a unique and high-quality proposal for our clients, giving them exactly what they need.

Jim Tolbert

Corporate Direct of Sales The Stein Collection

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