Spoiler Alert: It’s not room nights

Unlike other industries, the hospitality market is selling tangible, as well as, intangible goods. How do you communicate the value of your destination’s breathtaking mountainscape, a relaxing beach atmosphere, or a small town feel through just a pricing sheet or a plain text description? You really can’t.

Event planners expect to be wowed through content and will ultimately pick the destination that stands out. Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint do not accurately deliver the excitement or experiences of a destination.

The New Expectation

As the digital age progresses, the expectation is web-based, interactive, and dynamic content. Without compelling imagery and attention grabbing videos, you cannot properly promote the intangible goods your destination has to offer.

For example, I could never capture the experience of an event in Vail through a pricing sheet and PDF alone. However, if I sold the visual experience of an event on the mountain through an interactive and personalized website with videos of a day on the slopes, the results would be in my favor.

Deeper client engagement starts with interactive content. You feel this tension everyday as a consumer. Typically you trust and buy from the company that has the modern, interactive, and easy-to-use website. Why would an event planner think differently than you?

Hospitality sellers struggle to set their destinations apart because they use static marketing materials that fail to engage the buyer. SendSites is addressing this issue by allowing you to deliver your full tangible and intangible value to your clients through interactive, web-based content.

Static sales materials don’t cut it anymore.

Brooke Chapman

Brooke Chapman

Account Director at SendSites
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Brooke Chapman
Brooke Chapman

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