Bridge The Gap to Younger Planners

Event event planners are getting younger and more tech savvy. They expect response time to be near instantaneous, mobile-friendly, and they want to communicate electronically. Interactive group sales proposals are a modern way to bridges the gap with younger planners.

A More Compelling Visual Presentation

If your proposals are dense, text-heavy books, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Video, photo galleries, slideshows and compelling imagery communicate the experience at your property. That gets planners focused on benefits instead of just cost.

Research shows, that a media-rich, interactive presentation creates deeper, longer engagement.

More Effective Communication with Engagement Analytics

How many leads are you truly reaching?

Engagement tracking is the “body language” of digital communication. Modern online proposal platforms like SendSites provide engagement insights as they happen. When an event planner visits your proposal, you’ll instantly receive a notification by email, so you can be certain that your proposal was received and viewed.

In addition to email visit alerts, SendSites provides detailed event tracking down to the individual links that were clicked and any downloads of embedded documents. This data can provide clues about interests and help focus your follow up emails and conversations on what matters to the planner.

Beyond Electronic to Interactive Proposals

Go beyond electronic delivery with collaborative, interactive proposals.

Most group sales teams are using some sort of electronic proposal. It might be a static PDF or Word doc, or perhaps an early-generation online proposal tool. The problem with these methods is that they are static. They take static content and merely delivery it electronically. That’s not how sales works in the real world.

Sales is an ongoing collaboration and negotiation that involves a lot of changes before you get to a signed contract. Interactive proposals like SendSites allow sales managers to make changes to the live proposal that are instantly available to the planner. This creates a single source of the most up-to-date information that is available anywhere there is Internet and on any device.

Interactive proposal platforms also provide online collaboration tools to make two-way communication fast and easy. This sort of brief, back and forth has become an important method of staying in touch without having to commit to a long email or a phone call.

Fear and Loathing in Group Sales

Technology can seem intimidating, and change is just downright scary – and besides, you might say, what I’m doing now works! Or does it?

Compared to Marketing, Sales has been slow to adopt digital tools.

Sales has been slow to adopt digital tools, and it’s starting to make us look bad. Marketing sets a high standard with incredibly sophisticated digital communications. Marketing generates more leads than ever, but it’s up to Sales to close the deal. When Sales takes over, the drop off in quality and sophistication has become embarrassing to the point of unprofessional.

While it might seem like business as usual is purring along, how many of those leads are you reaching much less winning? Are planners raising their eyebrows when they receive your low-tech proposals and just choosing not to respond?

Upgrading your proposal process is easier than you think.

The solution is easier than you think. Online proposal technology has come a long way. New interactive proposal platforms make creating professional sales presentations better AND faster.

The trend toward online collaboration is accelerating. Interactive group sales proposals align your sales team with the market and increase efficiency at the same time. You just have to rip off that band-aid and get started.

Theron Gore

Theron Gore

Founder & CEO at SendSites
Theron Gore is the founder of SendSites, an interactive proposal platform that enables professional sales people to communicate using modern digital content and get real-time engagement analytics to guide sales conversations.
Theron Gore
Theron Gore

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